iPads in the Classrooms

This page has been created as an iPad resource for you as we begin to explore this new tool to use with our children. The WPSF grant funded the following items:
  • 20 ipads (probably will make four groups of 5 ipads)
  • 20 Big Grip Covers and Stands
  • large cart for locked overnight storage (we are still researching the best model for our needs)
  • small mobile carts to bring the ipads to your classrooms

The following items can be found on this page:
  • Accessing the Google Doc for iPad App Review
  • iPad Intro Videos from the Apple Website
  • iPad Quick Reference Guide
  • Purchasing Apps from the iPad App Store
  • Readings
  • iPad Supplies/Accessories

iPad App Review Google Doc ~ This google doc will help us keep track of the apps that we explore and want to use with our children. We are asking each staff member to sign up for a particular curriculum category (there should be several staff members per category). Then each group will add apps to the google doc as they are reviewed either individually or as a group. Once we are finished exploring the ipads on our own, we will use this google doc as a guide to help us purchase and set up all the ipads with the same apps. This way you don't have to worry about which ipad has which app on it (however, we may determine that for budget reasons the more costly apps not be purchased for all ipads).

Apple/iPad in Education ~ Resources, Guided Tours, and more

iPad and App Resources for All Learners created by Carolyn Rasta/Blom. Carolyn created this wonderful resource. You will find the following items:
  • iPad/Apple User Guides
  • Educational Apps
  • Special Ed Websites
  • Assistive Technolog Info

iPad Quick Reference Guide ~
iPad Users Guide - There is one located under Safari. Select Safari, then tap on the bookmarks icon (open book - top left) scroll down and select iPad User Guide. Use the categories along the left side to navigate the guide.

Locating apps in the App Store on your iPad -

Password for downloading FREE Apps - Wayland2012

Readings/Other Resources

Using iPads to Promote Literacy in Primary Grades ~

75 Interesting Ways to use an iPad ~ google presentation file with tons of ideas. Click "START PRESENTATION" in the upper right hand corner to view as a slideshow.

iPad Supplies

iPad Covers
School Purchased Accessories
This is a neoprene sleeve - they are relatively inexpensive and could be purchased to keep your ipad safe.
This is called big grips. We have purchased one of these for each of our ipads. The set includes a cover and a stand. They come in a variety of colors. These will be great to keep the ipads safe while in the hands of our little ones.

The white dongle on the end of this ipad is a VGA connector. This will allow you to connect the ipad to a projector. You then can demonstrate an app to the entire class or large group, while projecting the ipad screen up on a board.