iPads - Tips and Tricks

Did you know...

Turning off you iPad ~ to conserve your battery you should turn off the ipad the proper way. Hitting the home button doesn't shut it down, it basically puts the ipad a sleep.
iPad charger/adapter - iPads require a 10 watt charger to properly charge the ipad. So even though other apple devices (ipad, ipods, iphone) have similar looking chargers, they are actually different watts. So keep your chargers straight. An iPad needs the 10 watt charger which is larger than the ipod/iphone charger.

Checking your wifi settings ~ Your ipad has already been setup with the school wireless information. However, occassionally your ipad may drop off. Or if you are at home and you wish to join your home wireless.

Closing apps ~ If you don't close an app down properly then it will still be running in the background. It's almost like pausing the app while you go to another app. Keeping too may apps open will drain your battery and could cause your ipad to function slowly.

Multitasking on the iPad ~

Creating Folders (First drag one App on top of another to create folder, then drag App in folder)

Adding webpage shortcuts to the home screen ~ this is great for any website that you frequent regularly. You should do this for your school email as the email button does not work at school. So login via Safari and then add the icon to the home page.

Downloading Pictures that you have taken on your ipad (you cannot print directly from your ipad, you cannot use the "mail" option while at school)