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Discovery Streaming
Discovery Education streaming is a digital video-on-demand and online teaching service to help improve students' retention and test scores; it is aligned to U.S. state and provincial standards. Find out what more than 30,000,000 teachers and students already know-Discovery Education streaming works.

See Beth if you would like to set up an account for Discovery Education.

Enchanted Learning
Little Explorers lets children browse the World Wide Web and become familiar with this incredible source of information and culture. Since a pictorial interface is used, even the youngest children can explore the Internet and come to appreciate how people from all around the world are contributing to this vast repository of human knowledge.

There are over 600 fun, educational activities for children, and more are being added all the time. We've carefully chosen each link so that the content is appropriate, enjoyable, and educational.

See Beth for the Username and Password.

Promethean Planet - Promethean’s free online community designed to provide Activclassroom teachers around the world the ability to share new and innovative lessons, access a wide variety of professional development materials, and connect with fellow Activclassroom teachers from around the Planet.
*This is a free site - you simply create a username and password!

TumbleBookLibrary is an online collection of TumbleBooks – animated, talking picture books which teach kids the joy of reading in a format they'll love. TumbleBooks are created by adding animation, sound, music and narration to existing picture books in order to produce an electronic picture book which you can read, or have read to you.