Technology Equipment at Loker School
canondigcam.jpgDigital Cameras- We have a total of four digital cameras to share (I have retired the very old original cameras). You will see one sign-out sheet for all cameras. When borrowing a camera, I'm asking you to fill out the following information on the sign-out sheet ~ red tag number of the camera, your name, date taken, and date returned. Prior to returning the , please delete your pictures from the memory card after you have uploaded them to your computer. Since we are sharing resources, it makes it easier for the next person to not have to wade through tons of pictures to locate the pictures that they've taken. This is a shared resource, so please return the camera to the cart when you are finished.


iPads - We have 19 ipads and 4 rolling carts in which to transport the ipads to your classrooms.

hpprinter.jpg Printers - We have 6 printers located in the hallways and two printers in the staff room. One of the printers in the staff room is only for printing Lexia CRT reports. Printers are located:

Printer Name
book room
the book room (black/white)
staff room
in the staff room (black/white)
computer lab
the computer lab (upstairs) (black/white)
main hallway color printer
inside room 6 (color)
main hallway printer
inside room 6 (black/white)
in the library (black/white)

averdoccam.jpg epsonprojector.jpg Projector/Document Camera setups - We have been able to provide mounted projects, and document cameras into all rooms but one. Room 2 will receive their projector/document camera set up this summer!!! We also have available two carts with a projector, document and speakers.

canonvideocam.jpgVideo Camera - I purchased a new video camera and tripod for the building. Right now it is being stored in the computer lab. If you'd prefer a different location let me know.