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Using Sharp School to Create a Classroom Website

Below are some helpful tips for you to use as you begin to build your classroom website.

Click the link to access your Sharp School classroom site directly:

How will families find our websites?
  • Main Loker School Website
  • Hover over "About Us"
  • Slide down to "Loker Classrooms"
  • Slide over to "Classroom Websites"

In order to make any changes to your site you must first login:
To login to SharpSchool Website - go to the classroom website page, click on Login Screen_shot_2012-05-29_at_11.36.34_AM.png at the top of the page (you only have access privileges to your classroom website)

username: firstname_lastname

password: wayland12

Your classroom teacher website comes with the following 5 pages built for you:
  • Main Page (include: short bio about you and the other teachers who work in your classroom)
  • Calendar (could be used for class schedule or special events)
  • Photo Gallery (classroom pictures or could be deleted if you use another source)
  • Useful Links (maybe rename this page and use for your classroom newsletters or delete it)
  • Contact Me (we will delete this page as your families will already know how to reach you by email)

Requirements from Brian ~
  • Philosophy of your classroom (goals for your classroom include on your main page)
  • Newsletters
  • List of teachers in your classroom - along with a brief bio of lead teacher (include on your main page)

Below are directions on how to

  • Delete/Archive a page

  • Editing a page - review some of the basic word-processing tools

  • Hiding pages or selections....

  • Create an account on the Sharp School customer support website - great reference resource and live chat for help!

How do you delete a page? First we must archive the page - archived pages cannot be seen by the public or by the owner of the website. Then if you really want to delete it ~ you can.

So lets begin by go to the main page of your classroom website;
To Archive a Page:
  • hover your mouse over "Page Properties"
  • scroll down and click on "Manage Sub-Pages"
  • Select "Page Status"
  • in the new window, click in the square next to "Contact Me" then select Archive

To Delete a Page:
  • Once the page has been archived
  • hover over "Page Properties"
  • scroll down and click on Archived Sub-Pages
  • in the new window - click on the "X" button next to the sub-page you wish to delete (Contact Me).

Your "Contact Me" page should now be gone! Repeat this step for any page that you'd like to archive or delete.


You will see the standard word-processing tool bar across the top of your editing window; add content

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Video tutorials:

  • video tutorial on adding a newsletter file to your website (the directions say a newsletter, but you would follow the same steps to add a link to any file)

  • video tutorial on inserting an image onto a sharp school page
  • video tutorial on downloading/saving a picture from the internet

How do you "HIDE" a page? If you aren't going to use the calendar and useful links pages, you should hide them.

You may also choose to hide a subpage by going to page properties - manage subpages - manage status - click on hide selection next to the subpage that you want to hide.

You may also choose to change the order of you subpages by going to page properties - manage subpages - manage order. click on and drag the subpage you want to move.

To add a new subpage - page properties - add a new page

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Sharp School Resources:

All of the resources below were found on the Sharp School Customer Net support website. Let's sign-up so you can access more resources and services when you are ready. They have a wonderful on-line chat support! They have helped me fix several problems I've had.

Manual References: